icon Installing HD LCD, LED, DLP or Plasma TV and Professional color and settings Calibration

icon We will install and secure your TV on a cabinet of your choice

icon We will adjust your TV settings specifically for your room and lighting environment

icon Connecting up to 6 Audio and Video components

icon Includes Audio and Video Components such as DVD player, Blu-Ray player, Cable box, Satellite box, VCR, CD player, CD recorder, media server and etc.

icon Professional Wire Management system

icon If you console or shelving system has a wire management system we will put all wiring through it

icon Otherwise we will group the wires for a neat look and easy access

icon Complete demonstration and education of TV operations
- We will educate the client how to control and operate the system and provide a set up diagram.
- Connect TV to internet network, where available, and demonstrate smart features.

icon Clean up work area and remove all packing materials

icon Available both Commercial and Residential Installation

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